How to Make Your Backup Data Look Like A Million Bucks

More than ever before, you got more data backup options. However, as much as this seems a perfect solution, you could find it difficult to choose the best way to back your data up. How do you identify the best backup for your needs and what procedures do you follow to ensure your data is kept securely? Even as much as cloud options are a great way to store your data, this does not mean you are completely secure from malicious attacks that might see you lose huge chunks of your useful data. Here are few ways to enhance the security of your backed up data.

Consider a disaster recovery option

Security is not always the only weapon when you want to store sensitive data. You also need to factor in cases that might occur that could lead to loss of your data. To avoid completely losing your data in the unlikely event someone invades your system and deletes some part of or the entire backup, you can always fall back to a recovery mechanism that will help you to get back your data. If you are using a third party platform to store your data, you need to inquire into the procedure that would help to restore your backups in the event of unauthorized deletion.

Add access rights to your backups

Your backups are not safe as long as you have allowed anyone who can penetrate into the system to access some parts of the data. One way to ensure unauthorized individuals do not temper with your data is to introduce access limitations so only those authorized to make changes to your files are able to access the server. The point is to make it difficult for someone with malicious intent to reach the backups, and this works most of the time as in the process of trying to force entry you will have received alerts notifying you of multiple failed attempts to access your backups.

How about having an offsite backup system

While storing data in the same building as your offices might make sense when you consider ease of access, it would also be ideal to have a copy of the data stored in an offsite system. This could save you the frustrations if something like fire consumes your backups in one location. However, many people will argue that this is an option that would increase expenses as you would be required to lease space, but if you consider the technologies available you would not even need to use a physical backup system.

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